Author; Jhumpa Lahiri. (Indian-American) Genre; Fiction (short stories) Publisher/Year of 1st Publication: Originally by Alfred A.Knopf in 2008. My copy by Vintage Books. Number of Pages; 333 Price; $15.95 Other Titles; Interpreter of Maladies, (Pulitzer Prize) Namesake

2016 IN VIEW

Happy New year guys. I hope the holiday season was both fun and refreshing. I am trying not to do a New year new hope, new this and that kind of post, so you can stop reading once its begins to feel like that. LOL. Just kidding. Please keep reading.

CRUSHED HIBISCUS by Phidelia Imiegha

Something to begin your weekend with guys. This short story by Phidelia. I thought it was sad and beautiful at the same time. Your earliest memory is of a rainy day in your father’s old house, with your father yelling loudly at you, almost as loud as the sound of the heavy rain outside. You…