P1100458I have found it quite challenging writing about myself, seeing that it probably should come easy. I think I am an opinionated introvert; does that even exist? Lol. Yes  I have asked, it does exist 😀  Errrrrrm this is hard, truth be told. Cant find any more grammar to describe myself. I love coke, I love God more.  This will have to do for now biko. Thanks

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  1. Eddie says:

    Hello Tope. My name is Eddie David. I relocated from Lagos to Ibadan a month ago. I’m a scriptwriter and independent film-maker. I used to work for Uche Jumbo and Rukky Sanda film production respectively in Lagos. I’m trying to make short movies here in Ibadan was wondering if you know aspiring people,students (male and females) we would love to act so we could collaborate and work together. I’m mostly into writing didactic movie scripts for film production. Please do kindly respond.

    Thank you and God bless.


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