Generally, I don’t enjoy travelling. By any means. Road, air, water, any. I fell ill on most travel when I was a kid. I rarely look forward to travelling. Most times, I wish I could shut my eyes, open them and be at a certain destination, because its not the trip in itself that wears me out, its the travel gan gan. So I wanna be at places, I wanna see the pyramids in Egypt, I wanna  attend the World Cup in Brazil, I wanna wear the Japanese kimono and eat sushi (ewwwww) but I don’t wanna get on a plane or a car or a boat. I want to just close my eyes and gbam…

Of course that’s impossible so I’ve always had to mentally prepare my self for travel, including journey’s as short as Osogbo to Ile Ife, which is barely up to 40 minutes. How people pack a bag and just move is beyond me. That must be like a talent right? Anyway, in my little life, I have had the opportunity of experiencing a bit of  travel. So I’ll detail the fascinating things I experience during my infamous waka abouts here. From culture to food and lifestyle. You never know my post may just save you from one horrible trip mishap. 🙂

On my trips, there are constant things you’ll find in my hand luggage.

I always say that my iPod is the one thing I must have when travelling. I had the cutest shuffle in the world one time. Yes I said it, cutest shuffle in the world, then it got lost or stolen, not sure which. Anyway music is important especially if the trip is by road. Airlines usually provide music and movies, but you may like your own play list better.

Next is a pair of socks. I like to wear socks cos it could get chilly during trips. Also if its a long trip, and you’ve been sitting a while, your feet tend to get swollen and become tight in your shoes. So its easier to wear socks and free your feet.

Next is hand sanitisers, or wipes. Buses, planes, trains and ships are some of the easiest places to catch airborne diseases. You are in contact with loads of people at the same time. Each time I think about the hundreds of people who hold on to train railings everyday, and the dirt and germs that have exchanged hands, I literally wanna pass out. So sanitisers and quick cleaners are important. They are easy to get and quite affordable.

Other little things to take along include mints, gum, don’t forget your cash cards, jackets, depending on the weather of your destination or a city you might have to pass through.

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