So apparently, ladies in Venezuela are the objects of what CNN now calls the scissors wielding thieves. They are hair thieves. This has to be the most ridiculous form of robbery I have heard but it is true. In the Venezuelan coastal city of Maracaibo, these thieves are called pirahans. Wherever a group of women are at the same time, thats when they strike. At the mall, at the beach, and in such other places. The thieves grab them by the hair, especially those who already have theirs in a pony tail, and in a quick move cut off the hair with a scissors.

I am guessing this is as a result of the high demand for natural hair by many ladies. So these thieves would obviously ‘steal’ to sell.

Now we all know that natural hair costs a lot. Some can go for as much as $500. In Nigeria, Brazilian hair sells from #18,000 and up, depending on the length. There’s Peruvian, Indian, Mongolian and all sorts of hair for sale in Nigeria, and the interesting thing is that women would save up, steal, borrow, or do anything to get natural hair.

At this point though I don’t know what to think of this desperation.

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