First of all, I need to say that Nigerians are fantastic people.

Last week, I got this broadcast from a friend about a certain young man by the name Ernest Eke, who needed 7million Naira for a kidney transplant. Its a whole lot of money I remember thinking. But deep in my heart I prayed that God would make a way for this young man who was fighting desperately to live. I wanted to blog about it but I was out of town, caught up with travel and so forth, so I couldn’t. Thankfully, people kept spreading the news. I must have received a BC about him nothing less than 50 times. This was one broadcast I wasn’t angry at receiving.  

Day after day, money was trickling into his account. I was monitoring it. From 500,000 to 515,000, to 560,000. People were giving what they could. No bit was insignificant. On the day he money got to 2million Naira, I was awed.  People pressed on and on. Everyone was in on Ernest’s will to live. Then suddenly, some certain someone who I don’t know promised to donate 5million Naira.



I was beyond happy. Money hasn’t been received yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I think that if anyone still feels the need to give some more money, please go ahead. Money always comes in handy no matter how much or how little. Recuperation process; food, transport, miscellaneous, anything, you never know.

Nigerians are wonderful people, despite what people say. In all of  the harshness that comes with being Nigerian, people still choose to help those whom they have never even met. God bless us as a nation. I do not know Ernest, but I am thanking you all well meaning Nigerians on behalf of himself and his family.

Let us remember to keep praying for Ernest and also his family in this trying time. Getting money for treatment is only one phase. Surviving after treatment is another. Ernest is only 18. He has his entire life ahead of him. I have unconfirmed reports that he lost his sister a while back. I cannot even imagine the pain and trauma his family must be going through. As for me, I am keeping my fingers crossed and believing that Ernest would win this fight, also praying for good health for everyone. Trust me you don’t  want to be stuck in a hospital.

Account details have been inserted into the photos.



God bless us all.

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  1. banke says:

    Thanks for doing this … you are part of the fantastic Nigerians my dear friend…xxx
    Please guys help Ernest and his family out however you can… This blog is still green as at Nov 13 2013.. Cheers

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