Today, spotlight is on young and talented photographer Oluwatosin Kehinde Gbela, Lead visualist and owner of Finesse Photography.

burj khalifa(1)Burj Khalifa- Presently the tallest building in the world 

“I actually started Photography unknowingly”, Gbela says of his passion. I can’t put a date to it, but I know that my father was a major inspiration, because he let me play with his camera when I was younger. I remember at age 14, I took all my big sister’s wedding photos in film, with his camera, and to encourage me, he developed the film for me.

Although he is majorly known as a Photographer, Gbela holds an OND in Civil Engineering, and also a BSC in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, and probably would still do his MSc in Geotechnics, but he is very competent at Creative still photography, Creative Motion Photography (cinematography), Digital Branding and Graphics, and very passionate about it. He recounts once writing Engr Gbela at the footer of an email, and the recipient was quite confused.


Still younger than 30, the father of an amazing child, and husband of a stunning lady as he puts it has been a Professional Visualist for 5 years now.  Awards won and major gigs gotten are sources of encouragement for him to keep pushing boundaries. After 4years on the photography job, Gbela landed his first award  (INDIAFRICA Photography Contest 2011-12 Winner) On winning the award, he says luck was a factor. “My pretty wife’s photograph won it for me. I won my category in West Africa…. and also some couple of sweet dollars came with it. I have changed my mobile number, don’t try calling me now” 🙂

264737_2129347226653_5290635_n(2)Photo of Gbela’s wife that won him his first award

Tosin has had a roller coaster time being a Visualist. He covers everything from weddings to modelling shoots, video shoots, nature, still life. Events where you would love to relive moments, even when they have long passed. He directed Next Movie Star 2013 Montage Video Shoot, and Finesse Photography is the official Photography partner for the reality television programme.  If you have ever seen the Celepretties video on TV, he is the oga at the top behind it. If you haven’t you can click here to watch

Tosin’s goal is to put a smile on people’s faces through visuals, to evoke happy emotions, and ultimately to have a successful photography school where he can give back to the society, but in the mean time, he lectures on the art of Photography at the NESBURG School of Business Management headquartered in South Africa, from Maryland, Lagos. In his spare time, he blogs at You can also add him on BBM 2B1AADBA. No midnight pinging though. He has wife and pikin 🙂 Visit or on Facebook

Good luck on the journey ahead Tosin, I celebrate you.


It is quite difficult to get photos of Tosin, since he’s usually behind the camera anyway, but there’s this one of him, even on his wedding day 🙂


See more incredible shots by Gbela below

487185_3988991476597_889762479_nDubai Aquarium

524474_3988714589675_2144745386_nDancing fountain.


1461891_565758923502863_1460107147_n(2) IMG_0766 copy(2)


1376391_10201614634141075_701215231_n Amazing daughter and stunning wife

IMG_6554 copy(2)


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I love these,the Almighty God will continue to bless the work of your hands.hope you will remember me,Oreoluwa’s friend in Oau and I share same block with regards to all.cheers

  2. Temilade Shittu- Alamu says:

    I am a big fan of Mr Gbela. Never knew he was a twin though! He is soo taking d pictures for my own wedding! By then, he will b more of a super duper starrrrrr.

  3. Temmy says:

    Congrats my brother, this write up is soo touchy and makes me teary, I will forever be proud of you, I wish u all best in life. Love you to pieces!

  4. yemisi olonoh says:

    Kinda knew when he was just starting back in the days at OAU. Its a joy to see where you have reached and to know you’re going even further. That said, in the spirit of beautiful comment dropped, do I get a 70percent discount? Lol

  5. iyabode ayokunle says:

    May God continue to bless the works of your hsnds IJN. Above all, always stay humle.

  6. Titilope Ogunbiyi says:

    Kudos to you Tosin, your works are truly amazing. May you continue to grow in leaps and bounds, your passion and God will take you there.

  7. Platinum Creations Photography says:

    nyc one.. You are a great encouragement to my photography carrier.. Thumbs up bro !

  8. Beedesh says:

    Not cause I know him,but this dude is def the next big thing in world photography!I admire him a lot,so full of energy,wisdom and a great personality to match;wonder how he does it
    Kudos!can’t wait to see you on Forbes

  9. oluchi says:

    great stuff @ temitope and Gbela.

  10. kikkismiley (Tomi) says:

    WOW! You know what caught my attention the most? The spider web I kept giving it a deep stare like there is more to that photo. They are indeed beauiful photos. Yes 😀 I can boast of the fact tht I have known mr Gbela from wayyyyy bak yes ke when he started with us at the OAU pre degree centre infact I have proof of photos he took of me. I remember always going to his studio most sundays to take photos of me and he just always did right and he obviously still does 🙂 well done Mr gbela. My fav thing about you is tht you don’t just take photos, you carry people along like family so that way they are more comfortable with you. I’m definately getting a free photo shoot for this *dancing* lol

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