It’s 5:00am and I’m awake! What am I doing up? Getting ready……… for work. You see, I resume today at a wonderful agency somewhere in the heart of an upper scale area in Lagos. It was a really interesting journey getting the job – the aptitude tests, interviews, and medicals … Yeah! I enjoyed it every step of the way. Long story short, I’m excited! Butterflies-in-my-tummy, fuzzy-feeling, dancing-in-my-head excited. Finalement!

Anyway, I leave home one hour later after taking my time to painstakingly select my very first outfit. After all, one does not get a second chance to make a first impression. As I was saying, I leave home in order to catch my bus. Can’t afford to go late on the first day.

It’s 7:15am and I’m at the office. Just in time to meet my fellow “trainees”- Zara, Kubi, Olu and Steve. Yep! The new 5.

According to the official dynamics of my very own self, I knew. I knew that I would inevitably really like one guy. I didn’t know who or how but I knew “def” that it would happen. All that was left, as I sat in the office reception, was to find out who. And believe me, I did.

At exactly 3 minutes to 8am, he walked in. That time would later become his signature time for resumption. Yeah. So i already mentioned it right? He walked in. OK

OMG! My heart did flip flops, somersaults and skipped some beats. It literally stopped for some seconds. ‘Tis a wonder how I survived that moment. I saw him and he was everything I imagined – Dark complexioned, off-the-roof spoken English with that clean accent that just said “listen”, 6ft1 and sinfully hot. In one word, drop dead gorgeous! He smelled heavenly and inviting. From my seat across the conference room, my nose picked and registered his scent. Little did I know that the somewhat innocent and subconscious act would haunt with me long after office hours and after that day.

Dressed in a tiny black-boxed green check shirt, a black jacket with gold buttons and a cream coloured pair of chinos trousers, he looked every bit as cool, calm and collected as I later discovered him to be.

He walked around saying hi to those of us already seated. When he stretched out his hand to shake mine, I went still for a minute on my inside.

He stretched out his hand to shake mine. As I placed mine in his, I felt my body go light. Of course, my face revealed no emotion whatsoever. I gave my best smile, or at least what I consider my best smile and we said our names. That, dear people is how Todi met Kubi.

I am Todi and this tale continues on Friday….

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  1. Mia says:

    Ok.. I’m intrigued. 🙂 Waitining for friday.

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