Ok guys, lets talk about it. Mouth Odour. Sigh…

I don’t even know where to begin from. What is going on people? You haven’t found your favourite toothpaste brand? Or you don’t know the proper way to wash your mouth? Or you don’t care about washing at all? Which one is it?

This may sound weird but in my short life I think I have spoken to more people with bad breath than people without. I am not kidding. One time I was at the Ophthalmologist for routine eye check up. You know that there’s no way a doctor would check your eyes without coming close to your face. Gosh I wanted to faint. I was like how does this doctor not know how to care for his mouth? I see fresh guys and ladies and they destroy that freshness once they open their mouths. Haba. Save us naa, please. It’s not easy to bear o, for real.

First of all, we all need to know that the bacteria that cause bad breath/mouth odour are not on the teeth. No, they are not. They are mostly on the tongue, below the tongue and then the gum area. So you may actually be brushing your teeth so rigorously and still have bad breath. You need to really brush your tongue and gum area. If you honestly make an effort to brush your tongue well and your gum area, I think 90% of our problem is solved. For your teeth apart from your regular brushing which should be effective if you actually do brush, all the extra you need is flossing regularly, then scaling and polishing like every year.

Some people come up with theories like; not eating breakfast causes bad breath early in the day. That is a huge lie. See, you cannot be a lover of onion filled suya or alcohol and cigarettes and not have bad breath in the mornings, but if you brushed the night before, it is usually not as bad. You may wake up with bad breath in the mornings but it is not an issue if you already practice good teeth hygiene. I understand that being sick, and using some type of medication can cause bad breath, but I am talking about the constant every day bad breath. Buy packs of minty sweets or chewing gum. You only need about 2, and thankfully they don’t cost a fortune. Try mouth sprays too.

Unfortunately, people who have bad breath often don’t know, because it is such a difficult subject for someone to bring up really. Except the person is really your true friend, we all shy from discussing it because of how sensitive the issue is.
I always suggest people ask. Like look for a truly truly honest friend of yours and ask if you have bad breath or ask them to let you know if you ever have bad breath. You can also try this test in the comfort of your room; Lick your inner wrist, and wait for the saliva to dry, then smell it. If it smells unpleasant, it is very likely your breath smells too.


Spend a minimum of 2 minutes brushing your teeth, with the 3rd minute solely for your tongue. Brush atleast twice a day. Night time is easy time for bacteria activity. Also learn to floss to remove tiny food particles. Only a few people like to floss :). It is important to change your tooth brush every three months because whether you accept it or not, they actually get worn out. Use soft-bristled brushes with smaller heads so they can reach the corners. Gaggle with mouth wash or salt water, just generally make a conscious effort. The same way you bath or wash your hair. Don’t see it as the least of things to do because its not so visible. Its not so visible but the stench released can kill people please. Save us and save our planet 🙂

Have a great weekend.

* Note; If you still have bad breath after ensuring that you are doing your best with your teeth care, you definitely want to see a dentist immediately, there may be a problem that needs immediate attention…

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  1. Innocentia says:

    I always try my best but its just the same

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