What’s my Super Power? I am WOMAN

This is not a cliche post. You know those inspirational types we write to feel good about ourselves? Or the ones that look like a constant struggle for equality with men. No one is fighting for any silly equality here. Ain’t no body gat time or that. Atleast not me. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equality politically, socially etc. Women should get equal pay for equal work, women should be able to run for President and a man run for vice without feeling embarrassed. But man and woman are not equal. Husband and wife can be equal, but not man and woman. Women can birth, men can’t. Men can produce seeds, women can’t. Men and Women are special. Moving on…

This month has been dedicated to women all over the world, with last Sunday being the International women’s day and next sunday being mothers day. So this post is for all the women out there. It is for girls, daughters, nieces, aunties, mothers and grandmothers.
It is for single ladies, single moms, married ones, working moms, stay at home moms, students. It is for those that God called SHE.

For being nurturers, and tenders. For being sacrificial and kind.

For all the months of menstrual pain. For the shivering thought of labour pain, let alone the pain itself.

Its sad that it is a male dominated world. But women are super beings. Celebrate yourselves always, rather than mope and whine about how men are overshadowing you. When women complain about how men don’t respect women enough, I tell them to respect themselves first. You don’t need validation from anyone. Love yourself. Love your womanhood. Be anything you want to be. Be anything you want to be not just because you want to show men that you can be it. Be a pilot, be an Engineer. Just be good at it.

Be happy. Travel, buy a car, or a house. If you have worked for it, you deserve it. If any man is intimidated by that, he doesn’t deserve you.
You are beautiful. For real, you are. As long as your idea of beauty is not what instagram says it is. As long as you are not constantly wanting to be like Kim Kardashian. As long as you are who God made you to be, you are beautiful.

You are a model. For generations to come, you are. To your siblings, friends, children, neighbours and strangers. You have such wide reaching influence. That’s how powerful you are. You may belong to the vulnerable class in the society but you are strong. In mind, in will power, in your emotions.

In our vulnerability and over time, violence and rape and abuse and shame have come to be known to womanhood. But people and society have made those words stain us. It is our own duty to show what womanhood truly is. Beauty, grace, elegance, strength, power, kindness. Know that you are super, woman. And in all of these negativity, like a phoenix, you always rise.

Here’s to beautiful, powerful, strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marilyn Atakpa says:

    You hit the nail on the head. #mustreadforeverywoman

  2. mary Sewuese ugbaa says:

    Wow! Great write up! women the very heart of a home and nation as a whole. GOD bless you all

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