Hi Guys,

So I wanted to give out a gift to a lucky winner. You know to appreciate you readers who actually are the reason I’m in front of my computer daily, perfecting this art called writing. I swear I did not know writing was tough like this. LoL. But one thing I know is that even if no one reads the ‘rubbish” I write, I can at least bank on you guys here. I am grateful.

So this giveaway is not dash dash like that. Lol. You have to do a small exam. Very teeny weeny exam. And the exam is the photo you will find below.


In 6 words or less, give the photo a beautiful caption. Type in your caption in the comment section and use the hashtag #Tope’sGiveaway. Submit entries before 6pm on Thursday September 17th 2015. I understand that many of you view the site from different social media feeds. But only comments on the site would be accepted. Sorry. It’s just easier for me to see all the entries if it’s in one place.

Also, so that I’m not biased in picking a winner, I will have help while selecting the best caption. There would be only one winner, and no there are no compensation prizes. LOL. I am not Coca Cola.

This giveaway is open to all, but if you are outside Nigeria, Ghana or the United Kingdom, errm maybe you will pay for shipping o. LOL. OK don’t worry, we will sort out logistics if you end up winning.
The prize is a literary gift. Keep that in mind. Oh wait what were you thinking? That I will give out louboutins? louboutin ko, Jimmy Choo ni. :p

Ok guys I shall now go on a holiday and read your comments as I stretch my legs by a pool.

Thank you again for your unending support. It means the world to me.

Best Wishes,
Tope O

15 Comments Add yours

  1. Jumoke Olugbade says:


  2. Phidelia says:

    The world caught fire #topesgiveaway

  3. deola says:

    “The Face of The Deep”… #Tope’sGiveaway.

    Even if we don’t win something I’d like more of this give the caption to a pic thingy.

    1. deola says:

      Ahhh mistake ni awon smiley ebere yen!

    2. eclectictope says:

      Dear Deola, your caption has been chosen as the best one. Congratulations

  4. Bimpe A says:

    Peace in the midst of turmoil…

  5. uwakwe munachims says:

    “Nature doesn’t charge anything for its gifts”#Tope’sGiveaway

  6. A Contrast of Emotions #Tope’sGiveaway

  7. deola says:

    So these are other peoples answers in my office 🏢… .
    “O di kwa strange ”
    “Wororly and gengentically”
    “Hector and Troy”

  8. Oluchi says:

    Cloudy Peace

    1. luchiwrites says:

      Cloudy Peace
      Serene explosions
      The Dark Clouds of Peace

  9. Damilola Demehin says:

    The beauty of Dusk #Tope’sGiveaway

  10. Ononiwu Chidinma says:

    ‘Genesis one verse one to ten’

  11. kikki says:

    #Tope’sgiveaway. Shrouded in mysticism, yet still; solace.

  12. HelenADENIYI says:

    Mystical Serenity.

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