ANNOUNCEMENT; This Month, My Friend’s Are Taking Over My Blog

Hi Everyone,

Throughout this Month some of my writerly and not so writerly friends will be taking over my blog. Drum rolls please…And I am so excited about it.
January was when I first conceived the idea that I wanted to do this, so I tried to figure out the modalities and the best time to set the ball rolling. I ended up with April because it is the beginning of another third of the year, and so it felt like a good time to step back and evaluate my progress while my friends fill in for me. Makes sense right?
Plus, it is my wedding anniversary month and also a good period to take time off and traaaaavelllllll.

(que music) Ajala travel all over the world…

So stories, memoirs, poems, book reviews, lifestyle articles travel gist, they’ve got you covered. See you are in for a ball this month. Try not to miss any of the posts. Also don’t forget to leave your feedback.
Thank’s to all of you who are a part of this. You can’t imagine how excited I am about it. Being in your circle gives me joy. Thank you.

In other major news, last week, Nigerian online newspaper sabinews published my article, which I’m so happy about. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. I discussed parenting and the sad idea that your children owe you some sort of payback when they grow up.

I also posted my book review for March yesterday. Please read here.

I will see you all sometime next month.
In the meantime, someone has bags to pack.:D

Tope O.

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