Hi guys,

It’s the weekend…well almost so yayy yayy for Friday. My Muslim readers, hope the past month has been a wholesome experience?

Now let’s get down to the business of the day. Items for sale guys!!! gbalaun! gbalaun!! gbalaun!!! You need to call your brother and neighbour and church member and everyone you can think of to come view these items. They are all going for give away prices, you won’t get such a good deal anywhere ever. Young couples, old couples, single people, as long as you have a house, you’ll need one of these I tell you.

Let’s begin with this beautiful mantle piece and mirror.


mantle piece and mirror

You get this beautiful piece at a price of 60,000 naira. What’s more you get two picture frames for free when you buy this. Have you just gotten a house, you shouldn’t miss this for your beautiful entrance. The mirror is perfect to check yourself out one quick time as you walk in and out of your house also perfect for that last selfie you need to take. Ditch the bathroom mirrors in your office, this is the real deal. 60k Nigerian naira guys. Going…Going…


Princess bed, 2 side lamps, 2 bed side tables that serve as mini shelf + drawers.


If you have a beautiful girl child who is three years and up, this is what is befitting for her room. A beautiful royal carriage… I mean bed. For only 60,000 naira you put a smile that you cannot erase for years to come on your daughter’s face. Excellent finishing with pink stars, she’ll have only sweet dreams snoozing in this bed. Wide enough to accommodate dad or mom to lay in for a bed time story or midnight chit chat. Comes with matching night lamps and  bedside table. This deal is next to none guys. Hurry.


2 piece chair with coffee table and throw pillows


Picture you and your significant other or you and your dear friend relaxing in these beauties, sipping on your favourite drink – cold coca cola on a hot day? Tea on a rainy day? Champagne on any day whatever the weather? And flipping through magazines legs crossed while you send for your child to bring the AC remote that’s two feet away. This life was made for you. Paradise at home. No? For only 50,000 naira. Perfect for your special corner at home, also perfect to setup in your ante room to receive your guest before deciding if you want them in or out. At least you would have done one kind deed of making them rest their behind on this comfort of a chair before sending them back their way.


Baby cot


A cot that grows with your baby through to toddler years. It has two different side barriers such that your younger baby is secure and your older baby can come out on his own. In this photo, the barrier is off completely for a toddler to simply get up if he wants. The brown colour works well for whatever pop of characters and shade in your baby’s room. It also works well as a co sleeper cot. Just incase you are not ready to let you child sleep alone in his room just yet. Simply put this close to your own bed and you can reach for your child easily. This goes for 30,000 naira. Such little price to pay for all the goodies that come with this cot.

Black Leather Couch.


For 45,000 naira this couch can be yours for movie nights at home. The leather is solid, has no tear and with excellent support for your back. You don’t even have to tuck a throw pillow behind you.


Rug in grey shades and a pop of red


Milk coloured rug with red and brown hint


Buy both rugs for a deal 60,000 naira and get a lamp stand or a flower vase free.


Tell a fried to tell a friend. Leave a comment or email me if you are interested in any of these. Lets go lets go lets goooo.

Thanks a lot people. Have a nice weekend.





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