Hey guys. As you may know, I have recently moved back to Nigeria and so my writing has been a little slow although now about to pick up. To be honest I think I just miss my old work space. Looking forward to setting up and writing from Lagos. There is a poshness to it isn’t there? Eclectictope writes from Lagos, Nigeria? Oh well, maybe not.

Anyhow, if you have followed my blog for more than two years  you will know that I used to do a ‘Share your feat’ segment where I showcased everyday Nigerians doing well at something that may have been previously challenging. The aim is to inspire and motivate us to kick fear of anything out and just do, just go for it. I have observed that mainly because of social media, we live in an age where there is quite a lot of inspiration to draw from- fit fam accounts, exercise accounts, writers, readers, travellers, new mothers, prayer warriors etc, there is always an account to draw strength from. However we cannot deny that social media is usually sometimes an exaggerated version of ourselves. This is why I am excited to bring back the share your feat segment this month, because it is for everyday people who don’t necessarily do “grandeur ” things like climb mount Everest or lose 20kg in one week or exercise right up until they go into labour. It is for us who consider a feat to be something remarkable done for yourself and by yourself no matter how small, at your own pace. My hope is that reading it, you will be encouraged and inspired to start small, start little. If you never used to exercise perhaps this will encourage you do begin once a week. If you are scared of water, maybe you will be encouraged to do 5 minutes in a pool. My aim is to push you just a little bit, a tiny little bit from where you previously were. Tiny little bit because it is important that it is at your pace and you are doing whatever it is for yourself.


I did get lazy the last time, looking for people to showcase but I think I may have found a way around it now. Also if you want to recommend anyone who you think is doing something that may inspire us even just a little bit, email me about them, I will check them out. I am not looking for popular people, just everyday people who we can see ourselves in, who go to school, who work three jobs, who have kids, who don’t, who sing in the choir etc. doing things for themselves like lose weight, learn a new skill or language even after an age that people say is difficult.

This time, I plan to be flexible with the narration. It can be in the form of an interview with the person or an essay. I will mostly go with whatever is comfortable and easier for the person.

Can you tell I am excited to begin this series again? In a few days I will put up the first person who I am sure you will enjoy reading about.

Don’t forget to suggest people to me if you think they fit. Actually everyone fits. Everyone who is moving slowly out of their comfort zone fits.

To get a sense of what “share your feat” is about, you can read this piece from three years ago, about Bayo conquering his fear of water.

P.S I am leaning towards changing the name of the segment to something a  little more “deep” LOL. I am open to suggestions. So share with me if you think I should change the name.


Image 3-1
This photo is from one time in 2013 I went to do the “leap of faith” water slide in Dubai. Look how terrified I was. My goodness.


You can read the story I wrote about going on this scary slide three years ago, and how fear is the only thing that can stop us from achieving our dreams.




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