Welcome to December guys. I know, I know. Did I hear someone say i gba yi l’aro? 

Well hello, we are still in the first week.

Lol. I was in birthday mood with my toddler this weekend so please cut me some slack. Hopefully you have read the piece I posted on her birthday about parenting her and creating the purest undiluted form of childhood I could possibly provide for her.

Anyway December is off to a good start. Apart from my baby’s birthday, my friend said yes to a proposal from an incredible man. I am not telling you which friend though. But I will make reference to this post when I tie the gele and wear aso ebi to the wedding. I know I wrote about saying no to aso ebi recently but I’m definitely buying this one. I mean!!! Also, my god son is due any moment, impatiently waiting for him. So fingers crossed for that.

How was November for you all? I know that things have taken a weird downturn across the world this year, Nigeria not being an exemption. In fact, Nigeria’s case ehn, tiring to say the least but we can only hope. I know that hope that takes forever makes the heart weak but that’s all we have got. So my hope is that as December brings with it all it’s merry and jolliness, it extends into the coming year 2017 and stays that way.



This month, I am

Looking forward to finishing a pile of books I’ve only read half way.

Toying with the idea of running the Lagos marathon early next year. (Been running the idea in my head for over a month actually. Will decide soon )

Attempting to be pescaterian and eating only fish. Although I had some chicken already yesterday. Sigh.

Exploring the taste of tea. Different blends. I am neither a tea nor coffee person. Just give me juice really. But I am currently loving peppermint tea. Elder flower comes a close second

Conscious about my eating, so that I don’t feel guilty when I lose it during christmas.

Wondering what to do in January when my blog turns 5 years. (Ideas and suggestion very welcome)

Expecting books and travel packages for christmas from santa.

Waiting for more good news.


Let me know how your December is coming along. I hope that the season brings peace, joy and lots of good will to you all. If you are travelling this festive period, travel safe please. Take lots of photos for memory and of course for instagram.


Don’t get carried away. Remember to keep putting in the work. It will come together nicely soon.

For some inspiration, check out my November Interview here


Thank you for always reading.

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  1. Abisola Oyeteju says:

    This write up made me smile. Very appropriate for the season. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    1. eclectictope says:

      Thank you @Abisola Oyeteju. Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Please stop by again 😊

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