Hello Everyone,

It has been so long people, wow. I know. I know. However this isn’t the post where I tell you what has kept me away or the one where I apologise profusely for not putting up the concluding part of a story. No.

But hopefully I will get round to doing that. Or really, in true Nigerian fashion, we can just skip all of that and proceed like nothing happened. Lol.

Anyway this post is a public service announcement. So here goes.


Do you have kids age 2-5? Then you should let them be a part of my kiddies book club this long holiday period. We would be reading specifically, age appropriate Nigerian books and focusing on improving vocabulary and the knowledge and understanding of the world around them using songs and games as reinforcement. I am a huge advocate for encouraging children to read from as early as possible. Unfortunately, it is not a popular culture that I have seen kids adopt in Nigeria. So this holiday, as much as it is important to let them play, let them come and have fun reading and developing the love for it.

It will run for four Saturdays from 29th July till 18th August and we would discuss age appropriate themes that open them up to the fast paced world around them.

It would be exciting!!!

I am aware that because it is holiday period, there may be travel and other activities planned for the kids and so depending on the parents, I am willing to make the start date and end date slightly more flexible i.e depending on the highest preferred dates of parents, start date can be adjusted by not more than one week to accommodate your other holiday plans.

Because it is kid’s involved, we all should be particular about their safety,  please indicate your interest ONLY by sending me a Direct Message or emailing on or before Friday 21st of July and I would reply with necessary information concerning venue, time and cost. This will enable me put resources together tidily. I know Nigerian parents like the adrenaline but please, indicate in time.

Also note that because I want the experience to be enticing, enchanting and cosy for them,  I have a maximum number of kids in mind and as soon as I get that it would be closed. So again, indicate your interest in time.

Let’s encourage reading to be something that is an experience and culture our kids form an attachment to on their own and not what anyone is forcing them to do.

There will be a mouth-watering sibling discount if you happen to have two or more kids within this same age bracket and you want them all to attend. So parents of twins, triplets and more, don’t be worried, I gatchu 😉


Let’s read!!!!




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  1. Abisola says:

    Well done Tope

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