Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog. Although it has been dead for a few months, I have revamped it, and I am back with a bang. The blog now accommodates not only my opinion and articles, but will also have guest authors from time to time, gracing the “FEATURE” segment. This is for diversity and flavour.

I have the “Share Your Feat” segment that comes under “MORE” category, where you readers can send in challenges that you have ever overcome. It doesn’t matter how big or how little, you can share it to inspire others.

You can also read articles I have written that have once been published on a different platform besides my blog in the category called “EXTERNAL POSTS”

All my wakabout is documented in the “TRAVEL” category. There you can see food, culture, and lifestyle that I particularly find fascinating.

All comments are appreciated, but please note that vulgar, abusive or inappropriate comments to articles or their authors alike would not be posted. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Thank you for taking time out to read my blog. This thank you is for all the times you ever open again in the future. Yea I am killing hundreds of birds with one stone. LOL



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