I havn’t blogged for a couple of weeks, was away in Nigeria. I went to attend a wedding, other events and also see friends. Remind me to tell you about the wedding later. Network wasn’t particularly friendly, so I decided to wait till I got back. I’ll give you all the gist that went down in Lagos, Nigeria in no particular order in different blog posts. And I’ll start with PLATFORM 11.0


You see, platform is quite a formal program. People come looking sharp like dry starch. I guess it is because they know that it is usually a televised event. So you see people who ordinarily make noise on the streets of Lagos looking very dapper in suits and shirts and smart dresses.   The programme is put together by Pastor Poju Oyemade of Covenant Christian Centre and his super dedicated team, primarily for the improvement of the Nigerian people. Nigerian citizens come together and listen to different renowned people speak about Nigeria, its potentials, and the way forward, especially since they have handled key positions of leadership before. It is one  of those programmes you have to respect yourself so you don’t go and disgrace your family on National TV. There’s always oyinbo guest so AC has to be cold like crazy and yes we tush Nigerians cannot stand the heat too therefore the AC’s have to be on :p Unfortunately, there is a tendency to want to yawn or doze off, in an air conditioned hall like that, especially after having listened to about 4 speakers back to back. But the fact that there are massive camera’s every angle you turn will make you think twice before trying.

The fine yellow sisi MC had to use a shawl at some point. The cold was really “catching” her. And yea I think she learnt from last year not to wear 6inch heels. This time she jejely wore 4inches or less sef.


Something spectacular happened at this edition. One of the speakers, Jared Cohen, Director of Google ideas decided in all of his ingenuity that the criteria he would use to give out 5 free autographed copies of his book was to find who could shout the loudest answer to a couple of questions he asked . Hmnnnnnnnn. I will tell you why I just heaved such a long sigh. No one in my row got any book. But that is not even why I sighed. I was sitting in a typical Lagos big babes row. The delectable Stephanie Okereke was in my row. So you can get a picture of what I meant by Lagos big babes. Girls who wore shoes that make that ko ko ka  sound. Literally. Peruvian hair girls. iPad babes, and perhaps their boyfriends or husbands. Those were the sort of people on my row. So please, tell me how anyone on that row would have gotten a copy of the book. Howwwww? Those kind can’t shout. Not when they can just vex and buy the book or better still pay for it on and read away on their iPads. Any way Oga Jared shared his books to the loudest bidder.


Then came the one and only Aunty, Mummy, Pastress, Dr, Former Minister, Oby Ezekwesili. And boy did she set that place on fire. She sort of gave all the young people a little extra ginger, seeing beyond the Nigerian ‘oyel’ money and now famous National cake that everyone has been struggling for. Unfortunately when she was taking her question and answer session is when the worms in my tummy began doing the limpopo. Remember how I said it was a room full of cameras? Well it was a room full of people too. So many it was difficult to stand up and take the long walk on the aisle to the back, in the middle of important discussion about Nigeria. Hian. In the end, I did what I had to do…


As much as PLATFORM was a Nigerian conscious kind of forum, it was an opportunity to see friends after a while. It was a National Public Holiday, so no one was jetting off to work to meet a deadline or what not. It practically took the whole day but was refreshing in that it was impactful and was talk all over town for a few more days.

Other people who spoke Include Pastor Ighodalo who set the platform for other speakers to ride on. He did a fantastic job. Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, who in some very weird way I feel I am related too. Lol. His brain is too sharp, and popular Newspaper columnist and former editor of THISDAY, Simeon Kolawole was also a speaker. He gave the audience a good laugh.

Platform speakers are usually the smartest crop of people. They are the Harvard, Oxford and Obafemi Awolowo University breed. Yes I said it. Obafemi Awolowo University.

#The End

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Meanwhile I saw this map at Covenant Office reception. I figured it was a fantastic and creative piece, and decided to take a photo. Love it.


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  1. deola says:

    Lorl@ people looking like starch…..great summary of the event….you try.

  2. Damilola Demehin says:

    I like this map of Nigeria. Pls can it be moved into my personal space for a better study of the states, capitals and routes to different parts of the country? I’m sure after a week of intense study I wld be able to mention the natural resources in each state.

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