Miss Kikki is seen here styled in a high low dress designed by Azaka, just like the hot model. Who wore it better? Kikki or the model. Be the judge, cast your votes in the comments section. 🙂 Don’t be biased. Kikki is a student of French, and also an assistant at a jewellery shop.


Photos of Kikki taken by Ayo Oshinowo of Metres to Eden photography. More below

_DSC4590-1   _DSC4605-1

All vote now!!!

20 Comments Add yours

  1. deola says:

    Kikismiley of course better body, nice boobs,and all
    (y) thats my thumb print voting for kikismiley…..

  2. mariah says:

    Miss Kikii all d way

  3. adedayo oyindamola says:

    Kiki of course it fits perfectly

  4. Chiazor Mac-Philip says:

    Great 🙂

  5. Adedamola says:

    Miss kikki ofcus,thumbs up dear

    1. adetoun says:

      Kikki obviously wore it better, sits perfectly in all the right places.

  6. Simi says:

    Kiki all the way….just the right amount of flesh and body to fit into the dress….

  7. franklin says:

    Miss kikki is far more better.. Check out her smile.. Killer….

  8. sandra says:

    Kikki wore it better…. Kikki all d way! My hot model

  9. soye says:

    Kikismiley rocks

  10. adedoyinsola says:

    Miss kikki ofcus

  11. soye says:

    Kikismiley rocks #fashionkilla

  12. Aya Brown says:

    My gorgeous kikki all the way

  13. monica says:

    I think the white chick rocked this look the kikki girl is a bit short for such a dress her hair isn’t bad tho. Model girl did better

  14. Zainab Ahmad says:

    Kiki ofcourse,perfect body!

  15. Damilola Demehin says:

    Kikkismiley, dont mind them oh.They r trying to affilate themselves with a celebrity ni jere. U r d real celebrity ere. U wore it better, Kikkismiley

  16. Oshinowo Ayoola says:

    The hair,
    The smile,
    The eyes,
    The body,
    The beauty,
    The grace…
    An honour to vote you a thousand times over.

  17. oluchi says:

    C’est Kikki!

  18. cinderella says:

    the model girl wore it better. the dress is better with longer legs. maybe if kiki wore it with heels, then maybe. im gonna go with the model

    1. Simi says:

      The picture isn’t a full one, so you can’t talk abt the legs….the models picture shows more of her legs than Kiki’s picture

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