This read was sent in by Omotayo Ashley. Enjoy!!!


PS: This is  a Christmas story because I started the journey to this great light on Christmas day  but then  more than just about Christmas, in its entirety, its about the reality of the new year….

A portion of the inhabitants of the  cosmos know Him as the ALMIGHTY, and so the question of whether He could really be born littered the canvas of my mind. Could any mortal conceive the IMMORTAL? I overheard them say He is equal with God….that information further usurped the still waves of my wandering mind; could one who is equal with the sovereign God be limited to and bound by the limitations of SPACETIME? I read that He travelled in boats and on donkeys.

Mom said He was beaten silly by the security agents of His home country…at this point, it all seemed to me like a big joke…beaten? I thought I heard some musician call Him the strength of ZION.
With more thoughts about this Jewish dilemma racing through my head faster than living legend, Usain Bolt, I made my way to church one Christmas morning, hoping to be relieved by the words from the clergy man.
What I expected wasn’t what I got and really, my expectation was cut short; but then, I was glad it was….Pastor’s verbal vibrations resounded on the platform of my mind.

True, He is all I ever heard He was; leaving majesty for modesty, throne for thorns, glory for story telling, heaven for earth, riches for poverty and other mundane paradoxical exchanges.
Well, all  retuned back to normal within my wandering mind, (which by this time had covered, in thoughts, more than half of the globes land mass) when I discovered that all of the positives of the aforementioned were for me to experience. All traces of the mentioned negatives were taken away from me…..I was in love.

Nothing could better capture the identity of love than what this ‘man’ did….. In the ultimate, the prince of life was brutterly murdered so that i might live the most colorful life available to mankind…another mundane paradox…but I like this one, and I am not complaining.

This changed my view of life as I exuded much more confidence. Not out of the male man’s egoistic tendencies but out of the humility of a tender heart that just found love….true and original love as modeled by the creator. This is really sweet to taste, not of the tongue but to the taste of my heart.
The last bit of caramel to my already world class dessert, if I may say, was that I discovered that I have been given the capacity to love in just the same way He loved…..MIRACLE!!!

Tayo Ashley is a result oriented leader and leadership expert. He is very proactive, and driven by the brightness of the future. He tweets @tayoashley

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