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I’m stealing some moments from work to make this entry ‘cos truth be told, I can’t seem to concentrate on my work. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my work and I don’t shirk my responsibilities. I’m not lazing around thinking of Kubi. No. That’s not the picture.

It’s just the fact that he’s beside me. Yeah.  We sit side by side. Did I have anything to do with that? Well, kinda but not totally.

So, I sit beside him every day. We gist, laugh, share food – boli (roast plantain) and groundnuts – and through it all, I ask myself, does he have any idea about the wanderings of my mind?

I really don’t want to have this intense a myriad of emotions. Not in the first month of resumption when I’m supposed to be focusing on the trainings and assimilation process.

I don’t want to consider him when I pick my outfit for work. I don’t want to steal glances at him 50 times in one minute. I definitely don’t want to feel like I’ve been punched in the gut when he’s talking to another female. I seriously, want to stop glancing at the door to see him come in at resumption time. I don’t want all the funny feelings that arise when he looks at me. I’ve got it bad. I know. 🙂

Basically, I don’t want to find myself falling in love with Kubi. I don’t want to feel pained when he does things he’s supposed to do (he isn’t mine after all). I don’t want to think of him during the day and smile those silly smiles that only I can understand.  I should use the time for more productive things. Don’t you agree?

Zara tells me not to worry. She says it won’t last – that the novelty will wear off soon. She is particularly interested in making sure that Kubi doesn’t find out about the extent of my feeling.

What do I do? My heart seems to be on a ride on the Ferris wheel. I hear telling him will make everything go away. I’m seriously out of options. Please tell me what you think I should do. Thank you sooo much in advance. I’ll be waiting…


Perplexed Todi.

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  1. angelsuton says:

    U should try telling him and see wats going 2 happen.

  2. deola says:

    Hmmn…..you asked for advice oh!….BAD IDEA….Men like the hunt, you don’t want him to say things like ‘I’m not ready’ or ‘I don’t have the right words to reply’, you don’t want things to get weird and he starts avoiding you or giving other ladies attension so you can buzz off,
    Believe me!
    Just be a little more than friendly*wink*, rub against him when you have the oppurtunity,touch him everytime u get a chance, look in to his eyes a lot… et al….lol
    Memoirs of a girl with a crush…LORL

  3. ifeoluwa says:

    Telling him is a Definate No No, trust me U do not want 2 tell him! Telling him is nt somthn u can take back! Ts a new office nd u are gonna av 2 spend like everyday with him until God knows wen, seriously w@ do u know abt him? (I mean apart from d fact d@ he is cute nd that he is well…..cute) ow do we know he even notices u “d@ way” or even worse w@ if he has a GF he just hasn’t gotten around 2 mentioning? Plus I completly agree wit Zara, t’s just an infactuation d@’ll pass……Don’t tell him, don’t do it! Just suck it up nd pray it passes fast plus u can get 2 know more abt him while u wait.

  4. Akanni, Richard Olufemi says:

    Beautiful tale,I just cudn’t wait to read Episode 3 but like now I am already anxious to read the next episode.
    However Todi,its ok to love a guy,but be careful enough to be sure your emotions won’t be wasted.I wish you the best Todi.

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