This is an anonymous letter from a reader who wont send it to the “supposed to be boo”. In the spirit of valentine, decided to share. Besides its a good boost for those of you who didn’t receive any love notes or roses today. Lol.

Is his real, honestly I do’t know.

What I know is you are going through the break up mendoza and I’m fighting rejection….are we a good pair or too lazy to try for better catches (I hope not)

Well whatever the case, I’ll be your angel if you’ll be my undertaker *wink*

I want to make you happy, fill you with affection, and love you till you are bursting at the seams.I can hold you and not feel scared or afraid.
I can hold you in public and not be shy,maybe a lil shy *big grin*
You make me feel soo good…I want to make you happy, make your dreams come true, give you an ego the size of texas
Just love you so much you are sure I’ve got eyes for only you..
With you I want to be free to soar like an eagle, be open, no matter what, love you with all of me, be the woman you need and want, not just the available one with a soft body.
I might not be your first choice, that’s ok, …or not, *yinmu* ITS NOT OK AT ALL!!!, but I want to be a choice you made…

My very own Freak,my undertaker and weirdo… D

4 Comments Add yours

  1. oluchi says:


  2. Akanni, Richard Olufemi says:

    Pls tell the writer I said YES,cuz am sure it was meant for me.I await my BOO’s response.

  3. deola says:

    Awwwww!!!! Soo touching!

  4. kikkismiley (Tomi) says:

    Awwwww this is lovely. So genuine 🙂

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