Ok so this tale is coming to an end soon. We have only one episode to go, and Todi is thankful for all your comments and support in the last few weeks. The final post will be up this week, so be ready for the finale. Catch up on the entire story beginning from Episode 1 here.

Please note that today’s post is from Friday. I couldn’t post due to technical and logistic reasons. Thanks for baring with me.


Its friday already! No Kubi scent or smile till monday. Oh well!

I must say, in a bit of retrospect that the month of February has been sort of a roller coaster ride. Settling into office politics and norms. Making friends and understanding the systems of operation.

Valentine’s day came and went. How was it? It was really cool. Pizza, ice cream and cakes were shared and eaten in the office to celebrate the season of love. I was quite busy with work.

The just concluded week, however was full of plenty drama.

Kubi dropped me off all through the week. Don’t worry. Nothing serious happened. We talked about life and general stuff. We became friends. I became comfortable around Kubi. Day by day, the nervousness reduced. He actually flirted with me. It was a really funny week. I was more relaxed than the past weeks and I could feel me becoming me again.

Get me right I still like him a lot. I still feel butterflies in my belly when I’m near him. I still mentally swoon sometimes. I still smile those silly smiles during the day and even now as I write. I know I’ve got it bad or maybe good (now that he’s my friend).

Zara seems to think he likes me. I aint gonna jump the gun. What’s the point?

I’m sure you can feel the end of these entries dear friends, cause I can. Its not ending today, fear not. I’ve still got gist for you.

Thank you.


Somewhat happy Todi.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. detito says:

    Awww.. Sad the series is ending soon.. Had fun reading from week1 tho.. Lookin forward to d finale! *wink

  2. deola says:

    Please do quick and let it end already…and he had better ask you out with fresh flowers and all
    *big grin*

  3. uwana says:

    Wow! I almost missed episode 6….. *sad* its coming to an end soon!I feel you tody, just have fun jawe…. Xoxo

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