On Sunday 23rd February, popular Abuja church, Holyhill trended online because of a $100 gift that members got. And yes, truly members who attended that Sunday received $100 each.

Before going on, I will like to state that it is completely ok to have your opinion on ANY issue whatsoever, it is also very ok to state them when you have your facts. But to say that money was giving in church as a gift to ensure that members remain and increase is a fallacy and infact a sin because it is a HUGE lie.  First of all, the hundred dollar gift did not come from the pastorate or leadership of Holyhill Church. It was not a jamboree or father christmas troll like some rumour mongers have projected it.

It is customary in Holyhill Church for members to give gifts to members. As a rule, newly wed couples get household gifts and cash. Only a few weeks ago, a service was dedicated for members to be a blessing to one another, and there was exchange of gifts. Now the $100 gift was given by a man and his wife, who insisted on being anonymous according to the Pastor. After a series of teachings in church, the couple felt led to sow a seed of money. They were specific as to who the money was for. Note that it is not the first time anyone would sow a seed. Seed sowing is a spiritual act. People have sown seeds of clothes, and food, and phones and money and even books, or whatever else you can think of to others, as long as they are led to do so. Holyhill Church is very strong on INREACH to members welfare and OUTREACH to the less privileged. In January, all church members were treated to a buffet of local and international breakfast which they do every year.

Holyhill church Abuja is a growing church, and if in the genuiness or mischievousness of your heart you have ever been there, you will understand that the exaggerations are out of line. Services are on Sundays at 7am and 9am, and Thursdays at 6pm, at Immaculate Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola crescent Wuse 2, and believe me, if you decide to attend Holyhill Church this Sunday, you will by all means be received with open arms, but do not expect that an envelop containing money will be handed to you. The gift was NOT a “thank you for worshipping with us today gift”.  It was not an incentive to ANYTHING. That word even got out on Social Media is not because the church put it out there.  Holyhill Church is an outreach church involved in community help projects around the city of Abuja. To the blind, to the homeless, to the widows and so forth. It is members of the church that make these projects happen by GIVING as they are led. There is no harm in anyone giving to members themselves if he is so led.

As I stated earlier, your right to opinion is a given. Your right to ask questions is your right. Whether you get answers or not is a different issue all together. What is not your right though is to spread rumour or trample on people’s actions because you don’t agree with their method, especially if you don’t even know anything about them. It is unfortunate that we live in a society with too many loop holes, and so the constant need to attack every seemingly new idea is in order.

May our lives be filled with laughter, may we not have to beg, and may God’s blessings ever be on us.

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  1. kikkismiley (Tomi) says:

    “The constant need to attack every seemingly new idea…” Very Well said. These days rumors fly around like kites and 95% of the people spreading them have no idea but people will always talk.

  2. Femi Obidare says:

    The average minded individual will always be plagued with self righteousness, hypocrisy, double standards and double mindedness. If you refrain to give, s/he says you’re inconsiderate. If you give, s/he says you have ulterior motive. Well, popular opinion is hardly ever right, it only seeks a large following. But the smart ones know this and will not always conform. Keep up the good work Holyhill Church.

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