Sooooooooo you guys I am excited to introduce to you The Ore Ajewole show. First of all I must say I am so proud of Ore not only because I know her, but because this is such a big feat, especially in a University like Obafemi Awolowo. Am saying this because Ife students are some of the most difficult students to get through to, and so if you can ride against that and still put up a show regardless, it means you are fearless. Believe me you most probably can hold your own anywhere. I speak from experience, trust me.

This Sunday, the 6th of April 2014, if you are in Ife, you should be at the Co-operative building behind Zenith Bank at 4:30pm as Ore puts on her Oprah hat to host the first ever Student Talk Show on OAU campus, complete with guests. It is a platform for young individuals to share their success stories and challenges to inspire others. And she didn’t even have to go too far to get inspiring guests. On this debut show she will be interviewing student entrepreneurs; Jomi of Jo’s Indulge, Azeez Olalekan of OAU_Gossipz, and supermodel Chinemerem. Those around the Ife community would be familiar with these names. Young students who have done well for themselves.

Ore is a 3rd year student of Psychology, but if you heard her command of English, you’ lld assume she was studying Linguistics. She anchors the Popular relationship programme, CheckMate hosted by Living Word Fellowship on campus.

You guys better attend now that her show is free because soon you’ll be paying a fortune to get tickets to her live shows.

You go girl!!!

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  1. banke says:

    Ore is amazing! From the get go she’s been amazing as an anchor… Proud she’s doing her stuff now…and you are right, it takes a lot of courage! Kudos to you girl! Please record it for us who can’t make it and for your library cos many more to come! 😉

  2. edwinajogun says:

    If I hear sey I ever pay to see her show.. -___-. I’ll beat her and collect the ticket free nii.. 😛 I’m so excited for my padi… 😀 U go girl!

  3. Femi Obidare says:

    Proud of Ore. Proud of her.

  4. Oyebanjo 'oyebs' Damilola says:

    One word to describe her…… Awesome….. Keep it up

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