By now many of you know that Pastor Poju is getting married today. Lagos most eligible Bachelor. Hehehehe. So if you know me well, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of the Pastor and the man behind the Pastor. Perhaps his number 1 fan :D. And it’s not by mouth. I have so much regard for him.

My first time under his ministration, I thought he was a soldier. I am not even kidding. The boo had talked great about him, so I went with him to church. Like let us go and see this Pastor Poju that we won’t hear word about oo.
He had an orotund voice, spoke matter-of-factly, prayed in three lines, gave an usher a direct order from the pulpit and literally marched off the stage when he was done preaching. In my mind I was like oh boy see Abacha Pastor.

And then I met him, a few years later through my pastor in Abuja, Nigeria and I thought he was the coolest dude on the block. Yea. You read dude correctly.

We had a programme in church and he was the guest preacher. I was on protocol duty, a little jittery that I was the one in charge of the “soldier pastor”.

As the elevator door opened and introductions began, he walked in giant strides shaking hands here and there. In my 6inch heels I struggled to catch up. Anyway needless to say, the programme went without hassle. Towards the end, I was gonna pour water in his cup, but he just took the bottle and drank from it. Regular dude. No paparazzi. No forming. Service ended, and as usual he was out in his giant strides again, me running behind him. I made to reach for his bag, and he looked at my small frame and said “you realise this my bag is bigger than you? so just leave it let me carry it.

I laughed. Ice breaker. Lool. After service he asked me where I went to school, what I did for work and bla bla. I told him I was a writer and that I blogged occasionally. He made a comment about bloggers and my generation. Can’t exactly remember. He was off to the airport and asked for a link to my articles. I sent him. Didn’t think he would like them. Didn’t even think he’ll read them. Only for him to give me feedback the next day. He read all in the link I sent. He even laughed out loud in his feedback. I was like ehnehn, this Soldier Pastor says LOL? Interesting. In the days to come Pope as I call him became my friend. One day he told me how much young people achieve so much because they can focus and put their mind to it. Then he mentioned how much Nicki Minaj makes in a year. I was like wait…what? You know Nicki Minaj? You are not a soldier after all… You rock.

All the time, we joked about finding him a wife ASAP. He said NOT YET. He knew what he was waiting for. He wasn’t gonna settle for less. So like the rest of you I waited. And waited, and waited. LoL. I was shadowing his female friends, even rooting for some of them. But naa, he wouldn’t budge. That’s how much he knew what he wanted.
So when last year he said he was getting married I was like wait o. To who? When? How come? Who is she? Where did she appear from. Omydayzzzz. I was super excited. I waited for him to LOL or send me the tongue out smiley to say it was a joke. But this was the real deal. February 2015. No shaking.
And it’s here finally. The 7th of February. Such perfect date. And I just wanted to use my platform to wish him a happy married life. Lots of people have said to me this week that ahh so finally this your Pope is getting married. LoL.
Wait have you guys seen his beautiful bride? Picture after the post.

I pray that God blesses your union with Toyin. I pray that he makes you best friends till the end. I pray that your home is filled with joy and many beautiful memories.

I can’t wait wait to see the suit today ooo. LoL Mo je ri. You are a huge blessing and may this be the beginning of bigger and better things in your life. You deserve your beautiful wife and she deserves you equally. Trying not to write any mushy talk here. But I can’t keep calm. The joy is very contagious. Have a ball today and a sweet married life afterwards. I believe you have perfected the art of doing the shoki dance. #TurnUp






7 Comments Add yours

  1. Temilade says:

    The Pope of Popes! Congratulaations. God bless your union.

  2. Deola says:

    Lorl! Rotfl!@ turn-up…….#KeepCalmForWhat!!…..

    1. Deola says:

      Ps I guess you’ve seen the suit by now

  3. Femi Obidare says:

    Praise God as the Pope makes history today. I share your love and regard for him. Greater grace for the new race he’s began.

    And Miss Eclectic (or Mrs; *winks), you write good!

  4. B says:

    Happy married life pope and Toyin!

  5. Bimpe Abodunde says:

    Wooow.. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw pictures flying everywhere yesterday… Happy Married Life Pastor Poju! I share the same sentiments with you Tope about the kind of person I thought he ‘was’..and now, you break the ice… ‘soji pastor’ … lool

    By the way, when am I carrying my baby o… ???!

  6. Jola says:

    No truer words have been spoken. Nice one

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