2016 IN VIEW

Happy New year guys. I hope the holiday season was both fun and refreshing.
I am trying not to do a New year new hope, new this and that kind of post, so you can stop reading once its begins to feel like that. LOL. Just kidding. Please keep reading.

I am looking forward to opportunities this year. And while I wait for those opportunities, I have decided that reading is what I must be doing. Not as past time, but really reading and knowing new things. Not just the How to books, because people seem to like the How to get rich, h<how to land a boyfriend etc type of books, which are not bad maybe. But we need to read books that show other people’s perspectives to us, knowledgeable books. I read Khalid Housenni’s The Kite Runner last month and it has since changed my perception about Afghanistan. In the end, people are just people. We all run in the streets, eat, play, go partying, sleep, eat again and do the same things across border, until a bomb goes off and changes everything.

I love to read, and I want to step it up a notch. I am thinking I can encourage readers on here to read books too by reviewing a new book every month in addition to creating content for the blog. This is obviously a challenge for me because it means I must have read and finished the book myself within the one month period so that I can discuss it well enough. Whew, well, here we go. *Rubs palm together* It’s very do-able. I will try to review books that are easily accessible. And by accessible I mean Amazon.
You can tell me about books you have read and loved too. Will begin in February. Wish me luck in finishing book 1 of 2016.

P.S If I’m too lazy or busy to read, I’ll review a book I read long before, and you won’t even know. LoL. Review is review :p

Secondly, yay or nay to more short stories this year?
I have gotten many messages about posting more short stories. Thing is short stories as short as they are are quite difficult to finish. But I will try. I want to get better and better in the art of story telling, so you guys would be my guinea pigs this year and you can review how well I’ve done at the end of the year.

I also get all the messages about specific things you want me to write about. Apart from general topics floating around, I write on what I have seen or experienced first hand, atleast mostly. So if I have to write about someone’s experience, I may not pass the desired message across. So this year, I’m introducing the share your story platform which existed from creation of this site but was never in use. I think that can work right? Please send me articles and stories on anything. Health, travel, bad customer service, food, stories, how you fell from an okada (sorry, but LOL),etc. I will edit and post them. This though is not guarantee that I will post everything I receive. If it’s not right for me, am sorry, then it’s not right for my readers. I will work out the modalities of when to post them, depending on when or how many I receive per time.

Lastly, I have newly opened an instagram account for the blog. Hmmn I know, igba yi la a ro right? Where I will post photos of the book I’m reviewing and also post links to new articles and stories. Please follow and tag @eclectictope in all your pictures of books, authors, favourite lines from books, and whatever catches your fancy about written words, would love to see them. Let’s see where this takes us this new year.

More plans will be unveiled as the year progresses.

Thank you all for a beautiful 2015, my hope is that all our preparation last year meet opportunities this new year. Amen.


*Featured photo belongs to me. My photography skills are getting there now aren’t they? Lol

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  1. Happy New Year Tope! Can you recommend some books to read?

    1. eclectictope says:

      Hello @Praise. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year to you as well.

      The Kite Runner by Khalid Housenni is an amazing book. A bit of a difference by Sefi Atta, Beloved by Toni Morrison (some people would have my head for this but it wasn’t an enjoyable read for me, its not a bad book though), Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen. I began reading The God of small things by Arundhati Roy but didn’t get round to finishing. These are some of the books I read last year. They are available at Tera Kulture in Lagos, Laterna too I hope. You’ll find Toni Morrison and Khalid Housenni on Amazon. Hope this helps. Look out for the review I’ll be doing every month.

  2. Enajyte says:

    You can start with the etisalat prize shortlist. The Story of Anna P as Told by Herself is a fascinating read.

    1. eclectictope says:

      Ok thank you Jite. Read the brief on Amazon. Will try to get it.

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