2015; Report and Highlights

Hey guys, hope we all had a good christmas holiday. I did. Lot’s of food, gifts and surprises.

So just as I was about to upload this last post for the year, I got my wordpress 2015 report which made me so happy because of all the details in it. But apparently I wrote a lot less than I did last year, which is odd if you ask me, because there I was thinking I wrote fire this year. Anyway what got me most in the annual report is the number of countries where my readers are from. Nine…wait for it,…ty four…94 countries. Whaaaaaaat?????. Wow. Usually, when I check my stats, I often see the top countries I get views from and they are usually where I know people or countries I have been to and made friends, and I have been excited many times to see comments and likes from places like India and Brazil, but 94 countries? I am in shock. Bolivia, Thailand, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, forgereet mehn, I am an international somebody. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Belarus. I’m sorry where is Belarus?

As I said it’s my last post this year, but the preceding paragraph didn’t exist until I got my site report, so allow me show of please, just a leerubeet
Thank you all so much. You all made this possible. You all read my work. My silly work, and you make my hustle all worth it. I see all your emails. Most of you don’t leave comments, and I have known for a very long time that the number of comments has absolutely nothing to do with the number of readers. I delete abusive, insensitive and hate comments because well, it is MY SITE, but some of you still mail me to abuse me if you disagree with me on some issues, but see, you are all part of the 94 countries made up. LOL. Merci boucoup

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 11.57.02 PM

On the personal front, I am thankful that I pretty much ticked all the boxes of what I wanted to get done in 2015, well all except learning to use chopsticks, which I actually learnt after attending a Chinese wedding, and practiced for like two days. But it takes more than two days to be a pro at it, so I will continue in 2016. I will also try to learn some Igbo language in 2016, I am so into all that odiegu, okwa na ibuzi talk and whatever it is that Phyno says in his songs.

In no particular order, here’s a recount of my 2015 highlights thoughts and rants.

1. Rape and it’s current culture. How this is still an issue in 2015 I do not know, all I know is that a war has started, a line has been drawn and this war will be won. The silence has broken, the violence must stop.

2. Nobody’s sexuality is your business. #TheEnd

3. Feminism is not a group. Be guided.

4. Depression is not an oyinbo disease. It is not an “I just got back” syndrome either. If people need to be sad, it’s ok, if they need space please give space.

5. The church isn’t always right, but God is.

6. If you have to force it, leave it. Relationships, friendships, yoga poses, perfect eyebrows, let that ish go.

7. Natural hair is not a movement. It’s not by force either. I have my natural hair but I honestly can’t stand all the numerous hair journey and routine all over the internet.

8. Arik airline is very useless.

9. Read ooooooo, please read books. I don’t even know how to emphasize this, but how can you not read?

10. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour, doesn’t matter what generation you are in. Don’t use age, gender or patriarchy to excuse it. Would really like to write a whole paragraph on this but you are all busy so…

11. A woman can’t cook, and so?

12. My generation will not raise boys who see cooking as a woman’s thing. Eating is a human thing, all humans should understand the process to eating, except we all agree on buying takeout everyday, that’s an option.

13. See number 8 again.

14. We are all Hebrew women. Vagina or caesarean delivery of babies. The people who force you to decide on a type of birth are the non Hebrew.

15. Normal is good enough.

16. Pope Francis is my 2015 person of the year.

I hope that 2016 brings with it answered prayers, fulfilled hopes and incredible opportunities. All it takes is one minute for things to get good or horrible. I met some of the best people this year. I could mention names, but again you people are busy.

Final note, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is bae.

Final, final note, please see 13.

See you in 2016,

Tope O.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. magnumidun says:

    LMAO @ number 11, God help me with number 9, congratulations with your viewing progress, ” Bo ha ha ha” to d blogger’s that encouraged u with a column on on their blog, for their “so called publicity” without pay. Persistence pays, by the grace of God ur works will be elevated, recognized & celebrated at the highest cadre possible.

  2. Yewi says:

    You go girl

  3. Bimpe says:

    Warm congrats my friend… This is an incredible feat.. Good writing is difficult and for people to read what you write is even more amazing…Nice excerpts of your writings this year.. I didn’t achieve all that I set to do this year.. So what?! I am still indeed grateful for 2015 and hopeful for a far better 2016 in all aspects..
    Mrs O, remember that in 2016, we should collaborate… 🙂

    Happy new year!!!

    1. kikki says:

      Well done Sissy I really enjoyed your posts this year. I don’t know what you have with Arik tho hahahaha but whatever it is they sure are in for it. Happy New year to you and your family. Cheers to many more beautiful reads

  4. oriola kofoworola says:

    Nice recall babe. 2016 would b a gr8 year 4 us in Jesus name. Amen. Wishing u a fulfilled year ahead.

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