6 (Random) Tips + 1 Bonus For Your Holiday Travels.

It’s the middle of the year and the holiday season is upon us…whoop! whoop!!

Here are six things to keep in mind as you go eating olives in Greece and inhaling sweet smelling spices in Morocco.

SAFETY FIRST; As much as possible, avoid helping people with luggage when travelling especially at the airport or bus park. Generally try to avoid holding people’s bags. Don’t help “watch” people’s suitcases for longer than necessary. Let them take their bags to the toilet with them. Report bags that have been left unattended for too long. Avoid collecting parcels from strangers to deliver to someone at your destination airport no matter how genuine they sound.

It’s nice to do people small favours and I have once gotten a favour from a man who added my extra bag to his luggage so I didn’t have to pay. He didn’t know me but he assumed I worked in the same company as him because of the logo on my bag. I appreciated it deeply no doubt but safety is still key. It could have been contraband and it would have travelled in his name.

TRAVEL LIGHT; Except you are on a work/business trip or travelling for a specific event like a wedding, I have since found that packing clothes and shoes are usually unnecessary for holiday travel. If you are going to a big city for instance, there is a high chance you plan to go to the mall to shop. I mostly pack light and start wearing my new clothes if I have to. For smaller cities where there isn’t much shopping, you don’t need all your clothes still. Hardly anyone is looking out for your fashion. Besides you would most likely be strolling on the beach or pretty much just relaxing by a pool. Who needs clothes for that?



FREQUENT FLIER; Try to be consistent with one airline; While this isn’t always doable because some airline routes are downright ridiculous, you are more likely to get an upgrade if you are a frequent flier on one airline than frequent flier flying different airlines.

COMFORT; Wear comfortable clothing. Try to avoid shoes with lace, pants that need belts or suspenders, metal wristwatches and jewellery. You will have to take them off once or twice and apart from the fact that you may forget some items in the tray, it saves you time and the stress of removing and re wearing too much. Trust me you don’t want to know what a 1 minute delay can possibly do to your trip. Especially with air travel.

TRAVELLING WITH LITTLE ONES; If you are travelling with a toddler or little ones, you need atleast one hour more than the average person for pee break, feeding, check in, security and chasing them round the departure lounge. Apart from feeding and changing room for babies, most big airports have indoor play area for toddlers. No one would mention it to you at check in so ask. Slides, bouncy castle, baby gym, stuffed animals. You should totally use it in the hours leading up to your flight so hopefully your toddler sleeps during.

SAVE MONEY;  Go shopping in the markets instead of the mall. Souvenirs and travel buys are usually cheaper in the market. Buy street food. Hotel food is over rated, sometimes crappy too. Rent apartments instead of hotel rooms. You won’t get housekeeping daily quite alright but lets be honest, do you clean your room at home daily?

***BONUS; Book your next year travel before this year ends. Especially if you already know your specific dates for your leave.




Enjoy your holiday people. Tag me in your lovely photos.:)

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