I recently stumbled on a grounding exercise that has to do with the 5 senses, for good use when feeling generally disconnected from myself as I tend to often always feel. And it has been of great help. So this new month, I thought it would be good to plan grounding exercises for my all round lifestyle, not only my senses. The whole point is to make me very conscious and in the moment many more times than just when I feel disconnected.



Our daily lives and activity can take a huge toll on us such that we forget the tiniest things that actually constitute huge parts of our daily living.  Hopefully this helps my all round lifestyle and I can literally engage in the common saying – stop to smell the roses, or coffee, or whatever it is that needs smelling really.

So this month I plan to;

Feel the water in my hair on wash day, watch the part of my head that it trickles down the most from and not just bounce off too quickly from the shower. (I hate bath time)

Wait for my food to cool off evenly so I don’t have to waste energy blowing on each spoon (not that I’m a greedy eater)

Stop listening to all these “successful people don’t sleep” talk that’s very prevalent on social media and take my 15 minutes nap every time I need it.

Memorise the name of my perfume so that when people ask me what I’m wearing I can stop saying I don’t know. (it’s ridiculous that I don’t know isn’t it)

Drink more water (as long as it is flavoured with lime please)


Sing aloud when my favourite music comes on my iPod during my workout. I always want to go for it but “shyness” in the gym. No more.

Actually laugh out loud if something my friend sends me on whatsapp is really funny, not just type LOL with a straight face.

Watch Kiss Daniel’s Jumbo video over and over and laugh at his facial expressions like it’s the first time.

Clean the red nail polish on my toes that has been there for too long and began chipping off.

Turn tetra packs upside down to get the most of the yoghurt or drink inside. Can’t be wasting all the ones that hide in the corner of the box, in this recession :p




I’ll like to hear about your conscious decisions if you have any.

Have a Happy November ahead. 🙂



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9 Comments Add yours

  1. enajyte says:

    Clean the blue nail polish that is growing moss on my toes.

    Lol @ successful people don’t sleep. Abeg abeg abeg.

    1. eclectictope says:

      Enajyte. Lol @ growing moss. I can’t even dare tell you how long the red polish has been no my toes. It is an embarrassment.

      Thank you very much for stopping by here.

  2. magnumidun says:

    Do my daily devotional diligently; already goofing -missed nov1, so I studied Nov 1& 2 2dy.
    Renew my drivers license after 3 years; another set back- was @ FRSC office today can’t capture till December (my attempt was a great leap for me)
    Experiment @ baking a cake for my birthday ; am really gonna do it – don’t know jack about baking ( already surfing ” baking cakes for dummies on youtube)
    Finally ; am gonna do protein treatment on my PS as its 2 months old and am going 1 more month, I have missed my monthly routine ( one has to deal with dis economy recession)
    I agree with your watching – Kiss Daniel “jumbo” it’s so on point, and wonderful deviation from all the “mojo” music videos.

    1. eclectictope says:

      I am rooting for you to get all these done @magnumidun especially your driver’s license. I hope you will also be willing to share your experience of going back to driving with us.

      Meanwhile what is PS? You lost me there.

      As always thank you very much for stopping by.

  3. magnumidun says:

    PS; is protective style, it’s a term used by naturalista’s ( hair styles you do to protect hair edges and tips) that’s if your hair goal is to retain length and not just keep a fro (afro) – my hair goal is to grow the length almost at par with my waist line ( I wonder how many years that will take, ve always know my hair to be very full but not long) and also a keep a full edge ( my husband is not helping that” he gets tired of fro and insist on styles that stress my edges) ,
    You should entertain us with a write up on naturalista’s and afro’s, I wonder what this trend wld have done to the relaxer’s market; I dare say – 2 out of every 10 female is either transitioning or is already wearing a natural hair
    And yes I will share my ” back to driving experience”

  4. Mia says:

    Tope, you’re addictive. I find myself coming back here time & time again. Well done, babe!

    Conscious activities –
    1. Actually lose weight. Too bad I’m such a foody 😋
    2. Start another course (will decide which one, eventually)
    3. Hit the gym! (Yea, right 😄)

    1. eclectictope says:

      Awww thank you @Mia for always stopping by.It means a lot.

      Re starting another course whoop go for it. I am rooting for you. This hitting the gym seems to be a popular end of the year mantra. Because christmas ijekuje loading. LOOOL

  5. Bimpe says:

    Dear Tope, I’m here again…:):):) Hmmmn, conscious activities??? Generally, I have a proper routine or pattern to my daily activities and so my single conscious activity for the period is to:

    Sit back and relaxxxxxxxxxxxx…lol.. yes o, in very sense of the word but of course study for my forthcoming exams o… I can’t shout! 🙂

    Much love,

    1. eclectictope says:

      I like that @Bimpe. That’s one important activity I tell you. We often get too busy even for our own bodies.

      All the best in your exams and please share with me when the A’s come through

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