In other ground breaking News, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife has been ranked the first and best Uni in Nigerian, and the 8th in Africa. Yayyyyyy. Great Ife. Proud Ife chick right here.

Meanwhile, the ranking isn’t completely for Academic excellence but first is first jare. Cos I know we deserve for Academics. LOL

The ranking was released on Monday 5th August by the Cybermetrics Lab of Spain. I think we ranked number 14 sometime ago. Congratulations to Vice Chancellor Bamitale, staff, students, alumni and intending students of Great Ife.

OAU is a stressful school I have to say though. From start to finish. You stress out to eat, you stress out to study, you stress out to get accommodation, you stress out to get to class from the hostels. Believe me its crazy.  The school motto is “for learning and culture” but because of the plenty wahala associated with being an undergraduate there, students have changed that to “for learning and torture“. Its a massive school, unbelievably massive. Many students have to take one means of transportation to hostels, classrooms, restaurants,etc. Be it bike, bus, taxi, or your own car. Staff Quarters is another town entirely. Till tomorrow I can’t tell the different roads. There’s the markets, the sports complex or more appropriately “prayer grounds”. The roads are endless. With a student population of over 28,000 as at 2010, O.A.U is one of Nigeria’s largest Universities. It prides itself as being Africa’s most beautiful campus. Have you seen those structures? The drive from Road 1 that is the University’s major entrance enables you see the senate building, university hall, motion ground, bookshop and Amphitheatre in the horizon, all at once. It is indeed very beautiful.

Storys and myths have evolved over the years in OAU. Its not surprising because the ancient city of Ile Ife is home to the University. Stories like Oranmiyan’s staff appearing in front of halls of residence, and the likes of such are very very rampant. If its not Princess Moremi’s statue running today, it is something equally as weird tomorrow. All those are stories for another day, but for now I shall eat beans and drink pure water in honour of Awo boys and the entire OAU community. You have earned it.

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    ever great Ife!

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