On the most hopeful note, I welcome everyone to 2014. I thank God that you made it, and I know that no matterf how though 2013 was, this year would be a better one. I cannot thank you readers enough. The emails I receive from readers I don’t even know or don’t even expect to read are some of my highlights of 2013. It is very amazing. I am thankful to God for you all because without you, this platform would not be.

I spent the eve of new year 2013 watching fireworks from the tallest building in the world, in high hopes and anticipation that 2013 was my year. The year that everything would fall in place for me. Ironically, it was the first year in my adult life I didn’t bother making long lists of what I wanted God to do for me, or what I wanted to achieve. Previously, even if I didn’t write on paper, I made a mental note. I just told God I wanted him to be the leader. All I wanted to do was follow. I gave no ultimatum, I issued no orders, I gave no set days for when I wanted my requests to come to pass, I just wanted to follow what God said to do.

Now it is very possible that many things I may have wanted if I had a list didn’t happen, but I am in an extremely happy time of my life. I feel no sense of unfinished business or any sense of anger and bitterness that I didn’t get what I wanted in the past year. As a matter of fact, I saw lots of people get the exact things I wanted in seemingly effortless ways. But my choosing to just follow thought me deeper understanding of waiting for your own appointed time. There is no greater disaster than coming out successfully before you can handle it. Just do what you find yourself doing very well, no need to die trying.

And so I say to everyone reading this that you should let go off the anger and strife from people you trusted or envy and bitterness from things you tried so hard to get but didn’t get. Let all those things stay back in 2013 and let the New Year bring forth its own opportunities. Let us learn the important place of God in all our moves, not forgetting that there’s only so much hardwork or plot and scheme that we can try. Let 2014 be about what God would have you do, not what you would rather do.

Be at peace with your own self and make it your own duty to ensure that whatever the case, you will have a good year. Disappointment, set backs, delays, sealed deals or promotions, decide to be happy on your own. When you have mastered this art, you will realize how getting a job may not necessarily be the cause for happiness. Endeavour to be a little nicer, give benefit of doubt, love more and and errmm still love more again. 🙂

Once again, thanks for your support over time, thanks for your messages and good will, I send all that love right back. Have an amazing New Year filled with joy and peace. May this be your happiest year yet.



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