If you remember sometime in 2013, I blogged about a certain Eke that needed funds for a kidney transplant in India, and how Nigerians really donated out of the abundance of their hearts. See story here
Well I remember asking my friend late last year about him and how he was doing. She told me he was still in India receiving treatment. I was worried kit had taken almost a year to get treated, until I heard again that he had complications on arriving in India.
Read the email his sister sent me below

After being diagnosed with Stage 5 Chronic kidney failure and in dire need of a renal transplant to save his life, the young boy Ernest and his parents set off for India for the surgery, due to the kind assistance of many Nigerians and the help of Lagos State government, about twelve million naira ($60000) was raised for his transplant.
He left the shores of Nigeria in January 2014 filled with hope and expectations and the promise of sound health after his transplant but unfortunately this was not the case, on arriving in India, he started having various complications which had to be treated before any sort of transplant could be carried out on him. He has been in India ever since receiving treatment.
Today, the doctors have okayed him for the transplant he has been hoping will save his life and put an end to the severe suffering and pain he has been experiencing for over 5 years because of this disease but the funds are no longer available for his transplant
Here is a breakdown of the expenses so far in the course of his treatment: Ernest, his mother (hypertensive cannot donate) father (hypertensive cannot donate) and the donor left Nigeria for India
Cost of Visa fees for him and his team: #64,000
Cost of preparing transplant documents: #20,000
Cost of air tickets: #900,580
Cost of medical tests in India: # 50000
Cost of admission (7times) in the hospital: #3,000,000
Cost of Appendectomy Operation: #150,000
Cost of Dialysis (3days*4weeks*15months* 25000): #4,500,000
Cost of medical treatment for different illnesses arising: #4,000,000
Cost of house rent ($500*15): # 1,500,000
Cost of feeding for him and his team: #100000
This breakdown only covers part of the expenses made so far on his treatment. Ernest in addition to Renal failure, suffers from Avascular Necrosis, Generalized Tonic Clonic Seizures and Todd’s hemiparesis, all this are complications gotten from long term treatment of renal failure.
I appeal to everyone reading this message, this young boy has been suffering from this disease since the age of 13years. God has continued to spare his life because he has a purpose to fulfil on earth. In all this, he still remains cheerful and hopeful every day. Please help us give him a fresh start. He is still a teenager and he has suffered enough already.
He needs about #7million naira which covers cost of the transplant and his maintenance in India for Six months after the transplant. He has a willing donor, he has the urge to live, he has his dreams and aspirations but he has no funds. Please help see his dreams come true.

Thanks for taking time to read his story.

May God bless your kind hearts.
For further information, you can contact the following numbers:
+2348033775273, +2348171890201
Donations can be made to the following account numbers
Account name: Joyner Ifeyinwa Eke
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account number: 0127035711
Account name: EKE Ernest
Account number:0139187549
Bank : Guaranty Trust Bank.

Please I appeal to you my dear readers to please donate to Ernest to give him a shot at life. Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make a mighty ocean and a boundless land. Also please remember him in your prayers. God bless us all and keep us in good health. See some photos of Ernest below





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