INTRODUCING… HiDoctor. Nigeria’s First Online Medical Consultation & Information Platform

Get in here guys… and ladies too. So if you hate hospitals like I do, you would love this announcement I’m about to make…
The first online health consultation and information platform in Nigeria has been launched on


This means that you will be able to interact with doctors on any issue you want to speak about, confidentially online. You also get to use the applications on the website to learn important information about yourself…if you are obese, what you can do about it. How to calculate your BMI. Ladies you can monitor your monthly cycle and stop guessing when your next period will be. You get to find out your ovulation days, when it is safe and not safe to have sex. Especially if you are trying or not trying to have a baby with your partner. And if you miss your period (ahem) you get to find out possible causes. Lol. Not all missed periods are pregnancy duhh. Generally anything about your health you want to talk about. From diahorrea, to gonorrhoea.

There is also an emergency corner where you can report your present symptoms on the go. Like a bleeding nose and what you should do to stop it. It could even be questions on what to do when you see a burn victim or what to do when you have a fracture.

Columns like how to deal with insomnia will be updated often on the blog for knowledge and even for use in the future. Stop guessing about your health. Sensitive tooth, fracture, anything really. You can talk to the team of certified doctors

All you people that have been getting busy night and day and you have now gotten one form of STD, and you are shy to go to the hospital, you can chat with a doctor about it. A doctor and relief is just a click away. Don’t go on managing gonorrhoea or spreading it please.

Follow on twitter @Hidoctorng and get tips on your total well being.
Register on the site today and get free medical consultation. Do it now before they change their minds and start charging you 50k oo :p Don’t say I didn’t warn you. #DoctorsJustAclickAway


16 Comments Add yours

  1. Deola says:

    Me I have to say this is a good idea!…but how will they get money…like get paid?

  2. Deola says:

    Then..diarrhoea to gonorrhoea! Lorl!that’s jus hilarious. …
    I have to say, seeing a Dr is a hassle,if you aren’t using private clinic. I went to a general hospital and it took me 4 hours to see a Dr, and she was pregnant and tired…..i didn’t feel like she heard me….

  3. Deola says:

    Sooo this hidoctor is really cool oh!!
    My consultation ended due to network ‘shege’ but they still followed up with email! Really cool!!

  4. Alex Peter says:

    online health consultation is really very nice idea and really helpful..
    MediAngels is the one-stop source for medical second opinion, you can take an online video medical consultation

  5. Chizzy says:

    please,am Martin,19years of age. I was diagnosed staph by a palm test barely a month ago and av taken the herbal medication given and the rashes on my penis have cleared. Now i have great pains on the back of my head(upper spine), my lungs,and chest,recently the chest pain added a sort of needlelike sharp pain, please what can I do,I dont even have money to visit any hospital, I wish I wouldnt die.

    1. eclectictope says:

      Hi Martin, thanks for your comment. While I have forwarded your comment to HiDoctor, please email as soon as possible with all your symptoms to set up a direct link up with them.

      Please stay well.

  6. Nass says:

    Hi. Please am having a generalized body itching over ten years now. Have taking many drugs which doesn’t work for me. In fact I met a darmamatologist Dr in Abu teaching hospital. But still they can’t find solution to my problem. What should I do?? Please help me Dr. Am dying

    1. eclectictope says:

      Hi NASS, please contact to describe your symptoms. Thanks

  7. haybee says:

    This is nice we could chat via email too?

  8. samuel says:

    am Samuel by name, years back I have rashes on the edge of my penis and the rashes is still there till now am always feeling heat all over my body, please what can I do to stop the rashes at the edge of my cock and stop heat all over me please help me I don’t have much money

    1. eclectictope says:

      Hi Samuel, please contact to describe your symptoms. Thanks.

  9. Odinaka says:

    I am having chest pain and breathing difficulty when lying down…

    1. eclectictope says:

      Hi Odinaka, please contact to describe your symptoms. Thanks

  10. victor says:

    hello doc, I have eczema on my body and when I cure it outside the body it resurface again I think I need drugs to help cure it from inside.. thanks

  11. Victor says:

    HELLO DOC, I have be dealing with Staphylococcus Aureaus for the past 2 years, i have taken several antibiotics but the symptoms are still intact, what more can i do please i need health

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